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Darley Cottage

Welcome to Darley Cottage

Situated just outside of a town centre in South Yorkshire, Darley Cottage is a spacious and nurturing children’s home. We support young people aged 8-18 years with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties (EBD).

Supporting the needs of the young people

Darley Cottage has a dedicated and welcoming staff team, who all take the same approach of ensuring that the young people are at the forefront of any decisions made around their care. We ensure that everyone has a voice and are able to express their views and input into how they want to be cared for whilst at the home. The staff team also have a strong ethos in ensuring that the young people obtain the required skills in preparation for their transition into adult life. We ensure that they can build on their self-esteem, promote their independence, and achieve positive outcomes that any other young person not in care would achieve.

Service summary 

The range of services and facilities available at Darley Cottage includes: 
  • A large, detached dormer-style property enclosed off from other houses
  • A safe, homely and nurturing environment
  • Accommodation for up to 3 young people, with individual bedrooms which the young people are encouraged to personalise
  • A range of spacious facilities, including a lounge, dining room, kitchen and a large garden A dedicated staff team with an array of knowledge and experience Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted
  • Strong links with local education provisions
  • Individualised care plans and a focus on developing daily living and independence skills
  • A wide range of planned in-house and community-based activities

Quotes from Ofsted

‘Children have trusting and secure relationships with the adults who care for them. These stable and supportive relationships help children to make good progress.’ Ofsted

‘Children describe this setting as their home. One child said to the inspector, “It’s like a family, only with more people”.’ Ofsted

‘Staff are pro-active in supporting children’s educational needs. Some children have achieved GCSE and BTEC National Diploma qualifications before transitioning to further education.’ Ofsted