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Emotional and behavioural difficulties

Emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) in children and young people can often be linked to adverse childhood experiences and trauma. These experiences can leave deep emotional effects and impact a child's ability to navigate the world around them.

At Aspris Children's Services, we recognise the significance of addressing the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences as part of our comprehensive approach to supporting children and young people with EBD. We understand the complexities of EBD and are committed to providing the essential support children and young people need to thrive through our residential care services.

Understanding emotional and behavioural difficulties

Children and young people with EBD often encounter hurdles in their lives that may include:

  • Emotional regulation: Difficulty managing emotions, leading to intense feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety or frustration
  • Social interaction: Struggles in forming and maintaining healthy relationships, often resulting in isolation or conflicts with peers
  • Academic performance: Challenges in focusing, concentrating, and engaging in learning, which can lead to academic difficulties
  • Self-esteem: Battling low self-esteem and a negative self-image, making it challenging to develop a healthy sense of self-worth

Equipping children and young people with a brighter future

At Aspris Children's Services, we are dedicated to creating nurturing, positive and supportive environments to support children and young people with EBD. Our children’s homes have a strong focus on helping them to overcome their challenges, build resilience, self-esteem, confidence, achieve positive outcomes and develop the skills required to successfully transition to further independence and adult life.

Through a collaborative approach, open communication and partnership with all stakeholders involved in a child or young person’s life, this ensures that every aspect of their wellbeing is addressed. By fostering these collaborative networks, we empower children and young people to thrive in their home, at school and community environments, facilitating a brighter future for every child and young person in our care.