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Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Aspris Children's Services has extensive experience in working with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties (previously referred to as behavioural, emotional and social (BESD) difficulties).

Our network of schools and colleges provide nurturing environments, which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of socially and emotionally vulnerable young people. We support them through the challenges they face, and help them to achieve their full potential.

Raising standards in education and care

Aspris focuses on the individual, their abilities, needs and aspirations. We want every student at each of our schools and colleges to leave our services with externally recognised qualifications that enable them to deliver their potential and achieve personal success. We also aim to equip our young people with the social skills to put their qualifications to use and become valuable members of the community.

Our services:

  • Over 30 different subjects in both academic and vocational fields
  • Over 10 nationally recognised qualifications
  • Personalised curriculum arrangements that deliver relevant outcomes for students
  • Progressive teaching methods, designed with the needs of SEMH students in mind
  • Caring and compassionate staff, well-trained in positive behaviour management and progressive techniques
  • Strong links with mainstream education, college and employment training
  • Expert therapeutic interventions
  • Innovative reward systems which celebrate success

Re-engaging young people with SEMH difficulties

Aspris works to ensure that all of our young people with SEMH difficulties develop a positive outlook on life. We want students to thrive during their time with us, not only by engaging in stimulating learning opportunities, but also by achieving an enhanced degree of emotional stability. Our schools and colleges have a proven track record of re-engaging young people with education and supporting them towards their individual goals.